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7135TeonaMireaPortable Network Analyzers for Full Characterization of FBAR sensors: Influence of Readout Parameters on Sensor Performance
7091MarcoLiffredoMaterial Dependency of 1/F Phase Noise in a Piezoelectric MEMS Oscillator
7042HuanfaPengFast Automatic Frequency Calibration Assisted Phase-Locked Highly Stable Optoelectronic Oscillator
7115AndreyPluteshkoA Low Noise Alternative to a 3-State Phase Detector
7228EtienneBatoriAdditive Manufactured Microwave Cavity for a Compact Rb cold-Atom Clock
7078AlexandreBouvierNew Microwave Power Control Technique by Light Shift Detection in the Double-Modulation CPT Clock
7089RachelElvinFrequency Shift Measurements in a cold-Atom Lin⏊Lin CPT Clock
7229EvgenyPestovOn the Signal Zeroing in Coated Cells in 41K-Magnetometers and the Noises Zeroing in 87Rb-Atomic Clock Under Lamp and Lazer Pumping by the D2-Line of Alkali Metal Atoms
7069ErsoyŞahinLow Phase Noise photonic-Based Rb Atomic Frequency Standard
7016LoretoRodriguez-PardoQCM Sensor System Based on a Phase Detector Circuit for Measurements of Density and Viscosity of Liquids
7074AnneAmy-KleinLocal Distribution of an Ultrastable and Accurate Frequency Reference Using Eavesdropping on an Optical Fiber Link
7133HeikoBruckmeyerTime Synchronization of Spatial Separated Areas for AV-Production
7070VincentCandelierNext Step for Delivery of Precise Frequency and Phase OCXO for “5G” Telecom and Beyond
7127EtienneCantinAn Accurate and Robust Metrological Network for Coherent Optical Frequency Dissemination
7149MartinCizekFibre Link for Optical Frequency Transfer Between ISI and BEV
7157BelindaEglinDevelopment of a Solution for Distributing Traceable Time and Frequency Signal Throughout the United Kingdom
7106JingxianJiExtended Jones Matrix Calculus for Assessing the Impact of State of Polarization Wander in Interferometric Fiber Links
7156MartinaMatuskoAssessing a New full-Digital Platform for Doppler-Cancellation of Fiber Links
7061KonstantinMishaginMutual Synchronization of Passive Hydrogen Masers
7114GiannaPanfiloStatistical Analysis of H-Masers to Improve the long-Term Stability of UTC
7076ElisaPinatIn-Depth Analysis of UTC Information Broadcast in GNSS Navigation Messages
7083MarcinBoberTowards a Continuous Active Optical Atomic Clock with Cold Strontium Atoms
7047SaskiaBondzaPlanar, Single-Beam Mot Structures for Cold Strontium Atoms
7062ArtemGolovizinThulium Optical Lattice Clock with Zeeman-Insensitive Synthetic Clock Frequency
7058MikhailGurovNew Design of the Vacuum Chamber for the Next Generation of Strontium Optical Lattice Clock
7037SofiaHerbersAn ultra-Stable Interrogation Laser for a Transportable Optical Clock
7085DomagojKovačićStudy of Feasibility of blue-Detuned Optical Lattices
7056PiotrMorzyńskiEarth-Scale Network of Optical Atomic Clocks for Dark Matter Searches
7136RomanSchwarzA Cryogenic Optical Strontium Lattice Clock
7167MartinSteinelSympathetic Sideband Cooling of 171Yb+ Ions Using 88Sr+ Ancillary Ions and Frequency Measurement of the 88Sr+ Clock Transition at 674 nm
7121TatianaSteshchenkoLimitations in the Frequency Stability Transfer at 1.5 µm Using a Fiber Ring Cavity
7118MarcinWitkowskiTowards blue-Detuned Lattice Optical Atomic Clock
7130JialiangYuTransient Frequency Effects in Cryogenic Silicon Cavities Employing Crystalline AlGaAs Coatings
7009ShengnanZhangSimulation of Dipole Dipole Interactions with Ultracold Sr in an Optical Lattice
7101KenchiroMurataDevelopment of 76.8 MHz Crystal Unit with a built-in Thermistor Capable of High Drive Level Operation
7031ShujiTanakaLow Velocity HAL SAW Resonator Using Lithium Niobate Thin Plate on Quartz Substrate
7021YasuakiWatanabeAbsolute Vibration Displacement of Piezoelectric Resonators on Polished Surfaces by Laser Speckle Interferometer
7223FeiXiaoFrequency Tuning in Resonant Nano-Electromechanical Devices Based on Anisotropic Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Rhenium Disulfide
7221JieZouTheoretical Study of Thermally Stable Large-Coupling Lithium Niobate SH0 Plate Wave Resonator
7269HuaChenA 103 dBΩ 977 MHz Transimpedance Amplifier for 149 MHz Capacitive MEMS Disk Resonator
7098ZhijianYuA Dedicated Microwave Frequency Synthesizer for the Rubidium Atomic Clock
7067WeiliangChenThe Preliminary Progress of Nim Rb Fountain Clock
7045YudongDingScalar Potassium Magnetometer Based on Amplitude Modulated Nonlinear magneto-Optical Rotation
7046XuanHePerformance Optimizations of Optically Pumped Cesium Beam Frequency Standard
7097HuiLiProgress Report on the Development of a Cesium Fountain Clock at HUST
7102ShengnanMiaoResearch on Sympathetic Cooling 113Cd+-174Yb+ System by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
7015NongchaoXinProgresses Toward a Laser Cooled Yb+ Microwave Clock
7017YufeiYanEnhancing the Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Optically Pumped Cesium Beam Tubes Using a hexapole Magnetic System
7267FasongZhengMicrowave-Vacuum Integrated Cavity with a Low Temperature Sensitivity for Cs Fountain Clocks
7057XianheHuangAnalysis of the Effect of Electrode Structure on the uniformization of Mass Sensitivity Distribution
7066Wen-HungTsengComparison of GNSS All-in-View (AV) and Upsampled Common-View (UCV) Time Transfers
7011XiangWangApplication of Vondrak Filtering Method in Software Defined Receiver (SDR)-Two-Way Satellite Time and Frequency transfer(TWSTFT)
7052MichaelWoutersEvaluation of a New low-Cost Receiver for GNSS time-Transfer
7071YufeiZhangParametric Optimization of the Practical Mixer Device in the Optical Comb Frequency Transfer System
7014FaxingZuoTime Synchronization Over Cascaded Backbone and Access fiber-Optic Links
7064PengyuanChangLaser Spectroscopy Induced by Bichromatic or Polychromatic Laser for Laser Frequency Stabilization
7027LeileiHeVibrational Noise Investigation in a Cryogenic ultra-Stable Laser System
7132Jesse*Schelfhout*Isotopic Shift Spectroscopy and Atomic Structure Calculations for Yb intercombination and Clock Transitions
7034TiantianShiContinuous-Wave Mirrorless Lasing at 1470 μm in Blue-Light Pumped Cs Vapor
7041ZhiyuanWangFrequency Noise Characterization of an ultra-Stable Laser with a Frequency Instability of 1.3*10^-16
7022JianyeZhaoObservation of the Hydrogen 1S-2S Two-Photon Transition Excited by an Ultraviolet Mode-Locked Laser

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