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Paper ID Paper Title Invited Paper
7004 A 15.8 GHz A6 Mode Resonator with Q of 720 in Complementarily Oriented Piezoelectric Lithium Niobate Thin Films Y
7025 Lithium Niobate Film Bulk Longitudinal Wave Resonator
7026 Study on the Performance of AlScN Based SAW/BAW Hybrid Resonators
7031 Low Velocity HAL SAW Resonator Using Lithium Niobate Thin Plate on Quartz Substrate
7051 Single Crystal Diamond MHz Resonators
7110 Resonance Frequency Dependence of A1 Lamb Mode on the Pitch of the Electrode Structure
7112 Wideband and High Quality Factor Shear Horizontal SAW Resonators with Improved Temperature Stability in LNOI Platform
7140 Observation of Tunable Opto-Mechanical Responsivity in Two-Dimensional Semiconducting Nanoelectromechanical Resonators
7141 10MHz Length-Extension Mode Quartz MEMS Resonator for Frequency and Time Applications
7164 Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2-on-Si Fin Bulk Acoustic Resonators with Frequencies Up to 18 GHz
7238 50nm-Thick Nano-Laminated Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Transducers for In-Plane Bulk Acoustic Resonators
7240 Intrinsically Switchable UHF and SHF Ferroelectric Sc0.22Al0.78N Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators
7251 Decreased Nonlinear Harmonic Generation in Longitutinal Leaky SAW Resonators Based on YZ-cut LiNbO3 Substrate
7270 Electrical Bragg Band Gaps in Piezoelectric Media: Tunability, Non-Reciprocity and Application to Surface Acoustic Wave Devices Y
7272 Long Range and High Sensitivity Remote Sensing Through Passive, Battery-Less and Harvester-Free Subharmonic Tags Y
7276 Active, Nonreciprocal, and Nonlinear Surface Acoustic Wave Devices in a Heterogenously Integrated InGaAs on Lithium Niobate Material Platform Y
7277 Ferroelectric Considerations on Cosputtered 30% AlScN with Different DC+Rf Ratios
Paper ID Paper Title Invited Paper
7039 State of the Art Compact Ultra Stable Oscillators
7116 The World\’s Smallest Quartz-Based OCXO for 5G Synchronization Applications
7147 Synchronized Multi-SDR Phase Meter
7188 Artifacts and Errors in Cross-Spectrum Phase Noise Measurements Y
7192 Ultra-Low Phase Noise Frequency Division with Array of Direct Digital Synthesizers
7201 A Faster Algorithm for Theo1
7205 95% Upper Limit Comparison Between the Cross-Spectrum and the Spectrum Average with 5 Radio-Telescopes
7271 Millimeter-Wave Optoelectronic Oscillator for Advanced Wireless Systems Y
7273 Photonic Frequency Comb Based on Dissipative Kerr and Quadratic Solitons Y
7275 Rapid Detection of Bacterial Response to Antibiotics Through Induced Phase Noise of a Resonant Crystal Y
Paper ID Paper Title Invited Paper
7006 Drift Correction for Active Hydrogen MASERs
7019 The Deep Space Atomic Clock: 18 Months of Operation in Orbit Y
7023 Ramsey-CPT Spectroscopy for a Microcell Atomic Clock
7049 Imaging Solutions for a Planar Stacked MOT
7060 Demonstration of a 4-Liter Mercury Trapped Ion Clock
7063 Ramsey Spectroscopy in a Micro-Fabricated Rb Vapor Cell for Miniature Atomic Clocks
7072 Frequency Stability Improvement of an Active Hydrogen Maser with a Single-State Selection System
7078 New Microwave Power Control Technique by Light Shift Detection in the Double-Modulation CPT Clock
7080 Brownian Motion Effects in Vapor Cell Frequency Standards
7081 Progress on a Highly Compact Cesium CPT Clock Based on a Dual-Frequency VECSEL
7105 Progress Towards a Transportable Sympathetic Cooling Cd+ Microwave Frequency Standard with Ca+ as Coolant Ions
7111 Searching for Scalar Dark Matter and Tests of Fundamental Physics Using Photonic, Atomic, and Mechanical Oscillators Y
7152 Recording the Distribution of Cardiac Magnetic Fields in Unshielded Earth\’s Field
7153 Characteristics of the Passive Hydrogen Masers in Orbit
7162 Wafer-Scale Fabrication of MEMS Atomic Vapor Cells with Measured In-Operation Clock Frequency Drifts Below 5·10⁻¹² Per Day
7177 Low Power Microfabricated Rubidium Magnetometer
7200 Absolute Airborne and Marine Gravimetry with a Cold Atom Sensor Y
7212 Micro-Device Technologies for Mass Production of Miniaturized Atomic Clock System
7215 Performance of the NRC-FCs2 Caesium Fountain Clock
7239 GASTON Project: Searching Dark Matter Using the Galileo Satellites
7243 Recent Advances in Compact CPT-Rubidium Frequency Standards at VNIIFTRI
7254 Sub-Terahertz Heterodyne Spectroscopy of Carbonyl Sulfide
7255 Noise Suppression in Pulsed Optically Pumped Atomic Clock by Differential Detection
7259 Using Precision Frequency Metrology for Dark Matter Searches
7285 Atom-Interferometric Test of the Equivalence Principle at the 10⁻¹² Level Y
Paper ID Paper Title Invited Paper
7028 A 3 m×3 m Large Passive Laser Gyroscope for Geodetic Analysis
7059 Determination of Niobium Cavity Magnetic Field Screening via a Dispersively Hybridized Magnonic Sensor
7099 Parametric Acoustic-Based Passive Transponders for Ultra-Sensitive Temperature and Temperature-Threshold Sensing
7180 Direct Monitoring of Battery SOC Utilizing GMI-IDT Magnetic Sensor
7191 Self-Powered Wireless Sensors Enabled by Multiple Ferroelectric Functions Y
7203 The Sound of Music at the Nanoscale –Exploring the Nanoscale World with NEMS Resonators Based on Low Dimensional Nanomaterials Y
7214 A Reconfigurable Hardware Emulator of MEMS Gyroscopes with Built-In Error Source Models
7220 Phononic Frequency Comb Generation in a Micromechanical Resonator Operating in Air and Liquid Environments
7253 Pressure Response and Air Damping of β-Ga2O3 Nanomechanical Resonators
7256 Monolayer Thin-Film Lithium Niobate Out-of-Plane Beam Actuator: Design and Analysis
7265 Numerical Modelling of MEMS Resonators: Frequancy Stability and Nonlinear Behaviour Y
7278 Navigation-Grade Precision Shell Gyroscope Made from 3D Fused-Silica Birdbath Resonators Y
Paper ID Paper Title Invited Paper
7002 Generating a Timing Information (1-PPS) from a Software Defined Radio Decoding of GPS Signals
7035 Assessing Time Transfer Methods for Accuracy and Reliability
7044 GRC-MS Monitoring of the Galileo Open Service Timing Performances
7054 Using a Time-Scale Ensemble on Moving Platforms
7065 Validation of the UTC Information Broadcast in the Navigation Messages by All GNSS
7073 Extending the Network Time Security Protocol for Secure Communication Between Time Server and Key Establishment Server
7079 A Phase-Stabilised Fiber Link for Quantum Key Distribution Y
7086 Improving UTC with Redundant Time/Frequency Links
7088 Intrinsic GNSS Metrological Time Traceability to UTC
7090 Ultraprecise Molecular Spectroscopy Using a 2000-km Optical Link
7095 TAI Calibrations by Optical Clock NICT-Sr1 – Evaluation by Direct Trace to Individual Standards Y
7096 Towards Ground-to-Space Laser Links for a Global Clock Network
7123 Transmission of Frequency Comb Over 7.7 km of Hollow Core Fiber
7131 Frequency Comparisons Below 10-16 with Mono-Directional Fiber Links
7150 Designing a New UTC(NPL) Time Scale as Part of the UK National Timing Centre Programme
7171 On-Line Tests of Real-Time Time Scale Generation Algorithms Based on a Primary Frequency Standard and a Clock Ensemble
7174 Validation of a New BIPM Calibration System Based on GNSS Receivers for TWSTFT Links
7176 Updates on an Optical-Microwave-Hybrid Timescale
7179 White Rabbit Multi-Point Time Distribution Network
7182 Improvements in the VNIIFTRI Primary Frequency Standard and National Time Scale UTC(SU)
7197 Frequency Transfer Over Unidirectional Fibre Links Using Optical Frequency Ratio Measurements
7198 Phase Noise and Frequency Stability Measurements of a 5,400-km-Long Intercontinental Seafloor Optical Cable Between the UK and Canada
7202 Silicon Circuits for Optical Frequency Transfer
7209 On Lab Test of Coherence in Event Horizon Imager
7218 First Experimental Evidence of Reciprocity Violation with Bidirectional Optical Fiber Links
7222 Time and Frequency Links by a New Digital TWSTFT Modem Y
7227 VLBI with a Long-Distance White Rabbit Link Y
7237 Improving the Resilience of Optical Frequency Transfer Against Fiber Imperfections
7250 The Time Processor: A New Platform for Forthcoming Timescales
7266 Sub-Nanosecond Laser Time-Transfer Using Nanosatellites Y
7282 Prospects for Optical Atomic Timekeeping Y
7284 Traceability to UTC from GNSS Measurement Y
Paper IDPaper TitleInvited Paper
7024In-Progress Study of Microcell-Stabilized Lasers Using Dual-Frequency Sub-Doppler Spectroscopy 
7029The Recent Progress of a 25Mg+- 27Al+ Ion Optical Clock 
7038Universal Formalism for Clock Comparison Networks 
7040Frequency Metrology of the HD+Molecule: Determining Fundamental Constants and Searching for Physics Beyond the Standard Model 
7055Design of Dispersive Interferometers for the Self-Stabilization of Optical Frequency Combs 
7077Ultrastable Laser Based on Spectral Hole Burning in a Rare-Earth-Doped Crystal 
7084Progress in Optical Atomic Clocks at KL FAMO, UMK 
7104Progress Report of the 171Yb Optical Lattice Clock NMIJ-Yb1 
7108Lu+ Clock Comparison at the 10-18 Level 
7117Absolute Frequency Measurements from Long-Term Operation of Three Optical Frequency Standards 
7125Operation of an Optical Clock Based on a Highly Charged Ion 
7126Frequency Stability of a Cryogenic Silicon Resonator with Crystalline Mirror Coatings 
7132Isotopic Shift Spectroscopy and Atomic Structure Calculations for Yb Intercombination and Clock Transitions 
7134Stability of Lithium Niobate Integrated Photonics in Nonlinear and Metrology Applications 
7138Tailored Optical Clock Transition in 40Ca+ 
7144Long-Term Comparison of ¹⁷¹Yb⁺(E3) and ⁸⁷Sr Clocks 
7146Optical Link Stabilization Technique Using Digital Electronics 
7151Progress Towards a Transportable and High-Accuracy Sr+ Ion Clock at NRC 
7158Auto-Compensation of Collisional Shift in Atomic Clocks Based on Bosonic Atoms in an Optical Lattice 
7159Microfabricated Strontium Atomic Vapor Cell 
7160Heating Rate Measurement of a Paul Trap for Frequency Metrology 
7167Sympathetic Sideband Cooling of 171Yb+ Ions Using 88Sr+ Ancillary Ions and Frequency Measurement of the 88Sr+ Clock Transition at 674 nm 
7175Flicker Phase Noise Reduction in High-Speed Photodiodes Using Short Pulses for Low Noise Optical-to-Microwave Conversion 
7185Towards an Active Optical Clock Using an Optical Conveyor Within a Ring Cavity 
7189Measuring the Centres of Absorption Lines of HCN with Potential for Mise En Pratique 
7217Compact, High Finesse Optical Reference Cavity with Micro-Fabricated Mirrors 
7219Background Light Shifts in Optical Lattice Clocks: Characterization, Suppression, and Uncertainty Evaluation 
7226Non-Linear Lattice AC Stark Shift for Magnesium Lattice Clock 
7231Opticlock: Transportable and Easy-to-Operate Optical Single-Ion Clock 
7244Quenched Clock Transition Laser Cooling Below the Recoil Limit in a 1D Optical Lattice Clock 
7246Systematic Effects in Strontium Optical Lattice Clocks 
7247Zero-Dead-Time Differential Spectroscopy Enabling Clock Interrogation Beyond the Laser Coherence Limit 
7249Realising a Tranportable Optical Atomic Clock from Industry-Developed Components 
7268Systematic Frequency Shifts in Bi-Color TM Optical ClockY
7274Recent Progress on the 40Ca+ Ion Optical ClocksY
7279Frequency Comparisons with the Al+ Optical Clocks at NISTY
7280Transportable Optical Lattice Clocks to Test and Use Gravitational RedshiftY
7283Precision Spectroscopy in Multi-Ion SystemsY
7286Broadband Electro-Optic Frequency Comb Generation in a Lithium Niobate Microring ResonatorY

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