IFCS Student Paper Finalists

Group 1:

Boyang Jiang
Single Crystal Diamond MHz Resonators

Tzong Lin Chua
Low Velocity HAL SAW Resonator Using Lithium Niobate Thin Plate on Quartz Substrate

Faysal Hakim
Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2-on-Si Fin Bulk Acoustic Resonators with Frequencies Up to 18 GHz

Michele Pirro
Ferroelectric Considerations on cosputtered 30% AlScN with Different DC+Rf Ratios

Group 2:

Zhijian Yu
A Dedicated Microwave Frequency Synthesizer for the Rubidium Atomic Clock

Marco Pomponio
Ultra-Low Phase Noise Frequency Division with Array of Direct Digital Synthesizers

Antoine Baudiquez
95% upper limit comparison between the cross-spectrum and the spectrum average with 5 radio-telescopes

Group 3:

Alexandre Bouvier
New Microwave Power Control Technique by Light Shift Detection in the Double-Modulation CPT Clock

Etienne Batori
Ramsey Spectroscopy in a micro-Fabricated Rb Vapor Cell for Miniature Atomic Clocks

Catriona Thomson
Using Precision Frequency Metrology for Dark Matter Searches

Fasong Zheng
Microwave-Vacuum Integrated Cavity with a Low Temperature Sensitivity for Cs Fountain Clocks

Group 4:

Hussein Hussein
Parametric Acoustic-Based Passive Transponders for ultra-Sensitive Temperature and Temperature-Threshold Sensing

Sanjoli Narang
A Reconfigurable Hardware Emulator of MEMS Gyroscopes with built-in Error Source Models

Sushruta Surappa
Phononic Frequency Comb Generation in a Micromechanical Resonator Operating in Air and Liquid Environments

Wen Sui
Pressure Response and Air Damping of β-Ga2O3 Nanomechanical Resonators

Group 5:

Faxing Zuo
Time Synchronization Over Cascaded Backbone and Access fiber-Optic Links

Dongrui Yu
The Role of Electric-Preamplifier Noise on Determining the Frequency Instability of the Optical-Comb Based Frequency Transfer System

Mads Tonnes
Evaluation of the Behavior of Coherent Optical Fiber Links and the Aliasing Effects Arising from the Sampling of Missing Data

Martina Matusko
Assessing a New full-Digital Platform for Doppler-Cancellation of Fiber Links

Group 6:

Dahyeon Lee
Flicker Phase Noise Reduction in high-Speed Photodiodes Using Short Pulses for Low Noise optical-to-Microwave Conversion

Jose Valencia
A cryogenic, sapphire, ultra-Stable Optical Cavity with Crystalline Mirror Coatings

Tatiana Steshchenko
Limitations in the Frequency Stability Transfer at 1.5 µm Using a Fiber Ring Cavity

Leilei He
Vibrational Noise Investigation in a Cryogenic ultra-Stable Laser System

Martin Steinel
Sympathetic Sideband Cooling of 171Yb+ Ions Using 88Sr+ Ancillary Ions and Frequency Measurement of the 88Sr+ Clock Transition at 674 nm

Wenzhe Wei
The Recent Progress of a 25Mg+- 27Al+ Ion Optical Clock

Jesse Schelfhout
Isotopic Shift Spectroscopy and Atomic Structure Calculations for Yb intercombination and Clock Transitions

Alvise Vianello
Quantum non-Demolition Detection in an Optical Lattice Clock

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