The 2021 W. G. Cady Award

Martin Bloch

For the design, development, and delivery of high stability and long-lived Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXOs) for space applications.

The 2021 I. I. Rabi Award

Ekkehard Peik

For significant contributions to the development of optical clocks, including those using trapped ions, for state-of-the-art metrology and tests of fundamental physics.

The 2021 C. B. Sawyer Memorial Award

Marc Solal

For contributing the improvement of SAW resonator structures and the methods to simulate their behavior and operation.

EFTF 2020 & 2021 AWARDS

The 2020 European Frequency and Time Award

Recognizing outstanding contributions in all fields covered by the EFTF

Uwe Sterr |

In recognition of his seminal inventions, developments and use of ultrastable lasers for optical frequency standards, highest resolution spectroscopy and multiple other applications in space and on ground.

The 2020 EFTF Young Scientist Award

In recognition of a personal contribution that demonstrated a high degree of initiative and creativity in the field of time and frequency metrology.

Rodolphe Boudot | 

For his outstanding contributions to the development of high-performance compact and miniature CPT atomic clocks.

The 2020 Marcel Ecabert Award

A lifetime award and honors the excellent achievements of the recipient in the field of time and frequency.

Pascal Rochat | Spectratime SA

For his contributions to the technological transfer, industrialization and space qualification of several types of atomic clocks, quartz oscillators and other Time & Frequency precision instruments.

The 2021 Marcel Ecabert Award

In recognition of a personal contribution that demonstrated a high degree of initiative and creativity in the field of time and frequency metrology.

David Leibrandt | NIST

For exceptional scientific creativity and achievement in designing and implementing state-of-the-art trapped ion optical clocks with lowest in the world systematic uncertainty


The 2021 UFFC Achievement Award

The Achievement Award is the highest Society-wide award presented to a member in special recognition of outstanding contributions. Selection criteria include significant technical publications in the field of ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, or frequency control, as well as contributions to these technical fields, and service to the Society. Winner is selected by the Officers and the Awards Committee from nominations submitted by the general membership. Presentation is usually at one of the Society’s major symposia.

David Wineland | University of Oregon

For sustained efforts with NIST colleagues in the development of advanced atomic clocks based on trapped and laser-cooled atomic ions.

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