Poster Session 3a

7235ZejiChenA Novel Ring-Shaped Extensional Wine-Glass Mode RF-MEMS Resonator with High Quality Factors
7236WenliLiuAlN MEMS Resonator with High Quality Factor
7230RuiYangReconfigurable nanoelectromechanical Computing Based on Resonant Cantilevers
7252ParvinAkhkandiTop Metal Coverage Impact on the Performance of Thin-Film Piezoelectric-on-Substrate Resonators
7164FaysalHakimFerroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2-on-Si Fin Bulk Acoustic Resonators with Frequencies Up to 18 GHz
7051BoyangJiangSingle Crystal Diamond MHz Resonators
7225HuaChenA 131 dBΩ 146 MHz CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier for 20 MHz Capacitive MEMS Beam Resonator
7192MarcoPomponioUltra-Low Phase Noise Frequency Division with Array of Direct Digital Synthesizers
7206YaoYuA Novel Phase Noise Measurement Technique for Reflection-Type Device
7063EtienneBatoriRamsey Spectroscopy in a micro-Fabricated Rb Vapor Cell for Miniature Atomic Clocks
7261DmitriyKovalenkoEIT/EIA Resonances Driven by the Light Field of Elliptically Polarized Waves
7107TianyuLiuFaraday Laser with Cavity Mode Locked for Optical Pumped Rubidium Atomic Clock
7193XiyuLiuMagnetic-Field-Insensitive Zeeman Resonance Induced by Parametric Modulations
7259CatrionaThomsonUsing Precision Frequency Metrology for Dark Matter Searches
7148WeiXiaoIn Situ Calibration of Magnetic Field Coils Using Parametric Resonance in Optically-Pumped Magnetometers
7032JianyeZhaoAdvances of Chip-Scale Atomic Clock in Peking University in 2020
7129JunheZhengInfluence of magnetic-Field Gradient on the magneto-Optical Resonance Signal Linewidth with anti-relaxation-Coated Cells
7036KaitlinFundellMeasurements of the Hg Fill Level in Low-Pressure Hg Discharge Lamps via Macrophotography
7241AdityaHarakareModelling of Underwater Acoustic Networks for Source Localization in Arbitrary Bounded Reservoirs
7214Sanjoli*Narang*A Reconfigurable Hardware Emulator of MEMS Gyroscopes with built-in Error Source Models
7099HusseinHusseinParametric Acoustic-Based Passive Transponders for ultra-Sensitive Temperature and Temperature-Threshold Sensing
7092ZiyangChenThe Frequency Transfer Over 1000 km of Fiber Using the Optical Frequency Comb
7093MotohiroKumagaiSimultaneous Transfer of RF and Timing Signals via Optical Fiber
7103ShilpaManandharNear Real-Time GPS PPP Time Transfer for Business Continuity in Singapore
7224WeijinQinAccounting BDS3–BDS2 inter-System Biases for Precise Time Transfer
7053MichaelWoutersThe NMIA WebTimer: a Traceable Time Service for Checking Stopwatches and Timers
7196HongleiYangMicrowave Transfer via 11 km Fiber Link with fiber-Loop optical-Microwave Phase Detectors
7100YuichiroYanoDistributed Synchronization Network Utilizing Miniaturized Atomic Clocks
7082DongruiYuThe Role of Electric-Preamplifier Noise on Determining the Frequency Instability of the Optical-Comb Based Frequency Transfer System
7139JingbiaoChenHigh-Stability Rb Optical Clock Based on pulse-Modulated broad-Spectrum comb-Tooth Laser
7109DouLiA Proposal of polarization-Modulated Spectroscopy for Rb two-Photon Optical Transition
7094DuoPanBridging the Optical and Microwave Frequencies with the Dual-Frequency Faraday Laser
7128TiantianShiActive Optical Clock Based on Laser Cooling of Alkali-Metal Atoms
7029WenzheWeiThe Recent Progress of a 25Mg+- 27Al+ Ion Optical Clock
7161LuluYanProgress on Development of Photonic Microwave Generation at NTSC
7257WesleyBrandUpdates on the Portable Yb Optical Lattice Clock: Towards Precision Timekeeping Outside the Lab
7248JustinSchultzProgress Towards a Multi-Ion Optical Clock Based on a Linear Chain of Yb Ions

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