Menhir Photonics

Menhir Photonics manufactures ultrafast pulsed lasers with the lowest phase noise and timing-jitter on the market. Their products find application in all the research and high-end industrial applications requiring ultra-low phase noise combined with high reliability.

The MENHIR-1550 SERIES is the first femtosecond laser platform at 1550 nm with GHz repetition-rate reaching the industrial-quality required by our worldwide customers. It is the best solution for numerous applications where robustness, reliability, low phase noise or ultra-low timing-jitter are of prime importance. These include:

  • Ground- or space-based microwave generation. The timing and noise performance of the MENHIR-1550 is directly transferred to the RF signal.
  • Optical frequency comb. The free-running output of the MENHIR-1550 already demonstrates more than 80 dBc signal to noise ratio, enabling new way of measuring optical frequencies.
  • Photonic analog-to-digital converters. The precise timing of the MENHIR-1550 is used to clock next generation ADC exploiting sampling in the optical domain, thanks to the high-quality repetition of optical pulses.
  • Dual optical frequency comb for spectroscopy and novel applications. The GHz-level repetition rate of the MENHIR-1550 enables fast spectroscopy with high power per comb line, enabling new generation of spectrometers.

If are involved with low-noise phenomena, then we must have a chat. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss about your application and needs, or take a tour to Vescent Photonics booth, our exclusive US distributor.